Client Financing Boosts Pet Door Company’s Revenue

A Case Study in Customized Finance Solutions: Client Financing Boosts Pet Door Company’s Revenue


Pet Door Products, a leading provider of innovative pet doors based in Salt Lake City, Utah, sought to elevate its sales strategy by integrating financing options into its customer offerings. Prior to collaborating with Client Financing, the company did not have a structured financing program in place.


The absence of a financing solution limited Pet Door Product’s ability to tap into a broader customer base. Potential clients, despite having an interest in the high-quality pet doors, were hesitant to make purchases without flexible payment options. This gap in the sales process was hindering the company from realizing its full revenue potential.


Pet Door Product partnered with Client Financing to develop a tailored financing program that aligned with both the company’s and customers’ needs. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a custom lending product designed exclusively for the pet door industry. The financing solution included:

  • 0% Financing Offers: Client Financing introduced attractive 0% financing options for 6 and 12 months, enticing customers with the flexibility to spread their payments without incurring additional costs.
  • Flexible Terms: The financing terms ranged from 24 to 36 months, providing customers with a variety of choices to suit their budget and financial preferences.
  • Customized Lending Product: Client Financing worked closely with Pet Door Product to understand their unique requirements, crafting a financing solution that seamlessly integrated into the sales process.


Client Financing’s team collaborated closely with Pet Door Product to seamlessly integrate the financing solution into their sales operations. The implementation process was smooth and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to the company’s existing processes.



The impact of incorporating a financing solution into Pet Door Product’s sales strategy was immediate and substantial:

  • Sales Skyrocketed: With the introduction of financing options, Pet Door Product experienced an immediate surge in sales. The availability of flexible payment plans attracted a larger customer base that was previously hesitant due to budget constraints.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The tailored financing program met the diverse financial needs of Pet Door Product’s customers, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty. Customers appreciated the transparency and flexibility offered by the financing options.
  • Revenue Growth: The implementation of Client Financing’s solution enabled Pet Door Product to capture previously untapped market segments, leading to significant revenue growth. The company no longer missed out on potential sales due to the absence of a financing program.


Collaborating with Client Financing proved to be a game-changer for Pet Door Product, transforming their sales process and unlocking new revenue streams. The success of this partnership underscores the importance of having a tailored financing solution in place, particularly for companies offering high-quality products. By addressing the financial needs of both the business and its customers, Client Financing played a pivotal role in driving Pet Door Product’s success in the competitive pet door market.

Transforming Real Estate Coaching Company’s Success with High-Ticket Finance Programs

Case Study: REI Coaching Seminar Does $500k In Financing


In the fast-paced world of real estate coaching, staying ahead of the competition and maximizing revenue is essential. Our company had the privilege of collaborating with a real estate investor coaching company to help them implement a high-ticket financing program that ultimately led to over $500,000 in program sales to seminar attendees. This case study highlights the journey of our partnership and the remarkable results achieved.


Before engaging with our company, the real estate coaching company faced a significant challenge. They lacked a financing program for their high-ticket coaching programs. This deficiency limited their ability to close sales during seminars, hindering their potential revenue stream.

Our Solution:

Our team worked closely with the coaching company to develop a customized financing program tailored to their specific needs. The solution included:

1. Financial Assessment: We conducted a comprehensive financial assessment to understand their audience’s demographics, needs, and preferences.

2. Program Design: We designed a flexible and attractive financing program that allowed attendees to access the coaching program with manageable payment plans.

3. Marketing Strategy: We collaborated on a marketing strategy to effectively promote the financing program to seminar attendees.


Once the financing program was developed, our company supported the coaching company in implementing it seamlessly. This involved training their staff, creating promotional materials, and integrating the financing options into their sales processes.


The results of our collaboration were nothing short of outstanding:

1. Sales Surge: With the new financing program in place, the coaching company experienced a remarkable surge in sales during their seminars. Over $500,000 worth of coaching program sales were generated from seminar attendees who opted for financing.

2. Market Expansion: The financing program not only boosted revenue but also expanded their market reach. Attendees who might have been hesitant due to the upfront cost were now able to join the program.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Seminar attendees appreciated the flexibility offered by the financing program, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our partnership with the real estate coaching company exemplifies the transformative power of tailored financing solutions. By addressing their unique needs, we helped them unlock over $500,000 in sales revenue they might have missed otherwise. This case study underscores the importance of innovative financing programs in driving business growth and success.Are you interested in learning more about how our company can assist your business in achieving similar results? Contact us today to explore how we can tailor a solution to your specific needs.